CogNeed AI™

Live AI-Powered Insights for Better Customer Conversations

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Live Assistant for Remote Sales, Teleprospection & Customer Care

CogNeed AI™ has been designed to offer real-time assistance during customer conversations, displaying dynamically valuable content and tips.

Live & Customizable AI, tailored for your business


Based on your vocabulary and trained as per your uniqueness.


Reacts in real-time, as the phone conversation is happening.


Need Discovery

Guide your Reps in customer need discovery with conversational AI.

Objection Handling

CogNeed AI™ assists your agents in managing common objections in real-time.

Call Time

Allow your agents to focus on commercial relationship rather than product information retrieval.


Support your agents in differenciating your offers from your competitors'.

Training Time

CogNeed AI™ accelerates your Reps' onboarding and reduces product training time.

Universal Interface

Available now as a stand-alone browser extension or through integration with your CRM or CTI.

Sales Growth

Increase your agents' productivity and efficiency to generate sales growth.

Consolidated Collaterals

Standardize and consolidate all critical sales enablement documents, always available.

Monitored Conversations

Check the adoption & the actual usage of key messages during Reps' calls.

See How It Works!

Watch a short video to see CogNeed AI™ in action.

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