Our Solutions

Live Insights is currently up & running and available for demonstration. Next Best Questions & CRM Output AutoFill are still under development.

Live Insights

Live Insights

Detects when a keyword is mentioned, whether by the client or by the sales representative & dynamically displays relevant information and recommended sales messaging on his screen.

Next Best Questions

Next Best Questions

Detects the conversation flow and suggests ideal next sales questions in real time. 100% customizable : define your sales processes & A/B test your questions in real-time..

CRM Output AutoFill

CRM Output AutoFill

Automatically capture information from audio conversations : once the call is over, a recapitulation screen allows sales Reps to validate what has been captured.

Use cases

We solve a number of business issues related to customer conversations.

Better Conversations

Gain commercial credentials

Help your inside sales teams to master your market & solutions by offering them real-time assistance. Thanks to artificial intelligence, provide valuable information as their conversation progresses to foster credibility and persuasion: products information, objection handling, differentiation from competitors, ongoing sales promotions.

Foster efficiency

Virtually assist your remote teams in operationalizing your sales processes and messages, whether they work from the office or from home. CogNeed AI suggests valuable questions and keeps on reminding key messages to agents during phone calls. This lets you A/B test and optimize sales scenarios and processes.

Improve customer experience

Improve your representatives’ ability to answer your clients’ questions, by allowing them to retrieve dynamically the information they seek thanks to voice search capabilities and live information display.

Accelerate Training

Faster onboarding of newly recruited sales reps

Reduce the initial training time and get newly recruited agents to face up real clients faster. CogNeed’s real-time assistance gives them a safety net, allowing autonomous training and call-after-call knowledge acquisition.

Realign your training camps on what matters

Focus your training efforts on commercial efficiency rather than technical knowledge acquisition of your products and features. Benefit from live interactions with our virtual assistant for a progressive and painless memorization of technical information.

More Time For Your Clients

Replace Face-to-Face Sales Managers Time

Rely on CogNeed AI™ for technical Reps support. Offers Reps an alternative to soliciting repeatedly their manager, coach or colleagues. Refocus management efforts on what matters the most.

Free-up commercial time

CogNeed AI reduces commercial calls’ preparation time, as well as the transcription time of customer information in the CRM. Data entry automation also improve the data quality available for decision-making.

How to get started

We’ll guide you and share best practices through the whole process


Use Case Specification

Contact us, we’ll select together the ideal use case for your organization, as well as the relative keywords and content.


Content & AI Training

Then we will help you to format your content for display, leveraging your sales & marketing materials. In parallel, we’ll start the AI training on your specific keywords.


Start your free trial

After 30 days of AI training, test our services during 60 days in real conditions with pilot users to verify CogNeed’s impact.